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February 25, 2020
February 25, 2020

Intense Empathy

Like we said before, Zorba is exclusive. Zorba is private. But that however does not mean our client is lonely. Right from the moment a client steps into Zorba, a counsellor accompanies him. The counsellor stays with the client throughout his stay at Zorba. The counsellor is very experienced in his field. Above all almost all our counsellors are not only professionals but they are also ex-addicts. Therefore, our counsellors know exactly what is happening and how the client feels. The counsellor is also a friend, philosopher and guide. Our counsellors know when to leave the client alone. Better yet, our counsellors know when our client needs counsel and companionship. So, rest assured, the client is in good company even when it seems when there is no one around him.

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